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All too often, insurance policyholders are paid unacceptable amounts for claims after years of dutifully paying premiums. At The Farber Law Firm, we are committed to advocating on behalf of policyholders following insurance claims, applying legal pressure to ensure an adequate settlement to cover damage to the property. The firm represents both residential and commercial insurance policyholders.

Put An Experienced Insurance Coverage Dispute Attorney On Your Side

Attorney David Farber spent a significant portion of his career defending insurance companies. He has a comprehensive understanding of strategies used by the insurance companies to deny or limit claims. He now uses that knowledge to advocate for policyholders, fighting to ensure they are paid what they are owed.

If you suspect that you are not being offered the full amount due on your claim, contact our Miami, Florida, law firm at 305-340-2321 for a free initial consultation to discuss your options.

Insurance companies make profit by collecting premiums while paying out the lowest amount possible on claims. This is a calculated and precise process. The average consumer or businessperson is not equipped to understand the tactics and methods used to limit claims.

The claims process begins with an inspection and interview that has been engineered to trigger responses that can give the insurance company grounds for denying or limiting a claim. It is important that you speak with an attorney before giving the insurance company an official statement. If you have already been trapped into a response that might limit your claim, we are prepared to advocate on your behalf.

Partnering With Public Adjusters To Ensure You Receive An Adequate Settlement

Upon suspecting that they are not being paid a fair amount, many people will work with a public adjuster to open or reopen a claim and evaluate its worth. We work with your public adjuster to ensure that the insurance company is legally obligated to pay the full amount owed.

Our firm will partner with the adjuster to put together the evidence needed to prove that a larger settlement is due, putting pressure on the insurance company to provide that amount. And, if we prove or the insurance company concedes that it improperly denied or underpaid your claim in litigation, then, in addition to your claim settlement amount, your insurance company will, most likely, be required to pay, in full or part, our attorneys' fees and costs pursuant to Florida statute.

Auto Glass Claims

Are insurance companies hurting your bottom line by not paying for glass repairs? Do you find that making a claim or collecting on it to be incredibly difficult? While it would seem straightforward that you would be reimbursed following the replacement of your insured customer's windshield or glass, insurance companies have put up roadblocks to delay, deny, or underpay the claim. Are you, like thousands of independent repair shops and auto mechanics, tired of not being paid timely, reasonably, and in compliance with your customer's insurance policy and Florida law? If so, help is on the way!

At The Farber Law Firm, we fight against insurance companies on behalf of auto repair centers and glass companies to try to get you reimbursed for your delayed, denied or unpaid glass repair invoice. Best of all, we handle these claims on a contingent fee basis which means that there is no out-of-pocket costs to you and if we reach a settlement, the insurance company may be required to pay for all our attorney fees and costs.

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