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When an accident occurs or disaster strikes, the insurance company is often not on your side. These companies have a highly calculated process for paying as little as possible on claims, maximizing profits. Accident victims and insurance policyholders are often left with few options — unless they are represented by a lawyer that understands their tactics and will not relent unless the client is paid a sufficient settlement.

Effective And Experienced Legal Advocacy Against The Insurance Company

At The Farber Law Firm, we are committed to applying our understanding of insurance and personal injury law to each client's situation, fighting for the best possible settlement. Our combined practice areas include insurance disputes, personal injury, business law and intellectual property. We are skilled attorneys and professional counselors who give you personal attention and can advise you on every level of your business strategy or legal matter.

The Farber Law Firm has won judgments in excess of $1 million and is prepared to fight aggressively until you are paid the amount that you are due.

We also provide small and mid-sized companies with valuable legal guidance and assistance in the protection of intellectual property, copyrights and trademarks. Much of a business' value and competitive advantage is tied to its brand and proprietary information. We are committed to keeping that information secure.

If you are seeking zealous advocacy and legal representation following an accident, please contact a Miami attorney at The Farber Law Firm at 866-443-3693 to learn your legal options.

After defending insurance companies for more than five years, Mr. Farber used his understanding of insurance law and the tactics used by insurance companies to establish The Farber Law Firm to advocate for consumers and policyholders. He is recognized by professionals throughout the industry for his commitment to clients and his success in advocating for advantageous settlements and/or litigating cases to trial. Judges and lawyers throughout the state know and trust his ability to achieve results, and routinely refer cases to him.

The firm handles cases nationally and has represented individuals and companies throughout Florida, striving to achieve the best possible outcomes following accidents and insurance policy claims.